The Frac-Artothèque Friends Association

The Frac-Artothèque Friends Association is open to all. The association aims to involve its members in the artistic and cultural activities of the Frac-Artothèque by providing special opportunities to get involved in contemporary creativity. By becoming a friend, you can yourself contribute to the shaping of the programme throughout the year, and take part in exclusive visits and attend lectures.

Supporting the Frac-Artothèque

Supporters and sponsors of the Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine contribute to its development and its reputation. As a priority all donations* are directed towards initiatives that emphasise access to art for all. If you wish to get involved and support the Frac-Arto, you can become a supporter through a donation.

*As part of the tax legislation applicable in France, donations given to the Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine are subject to tax relief. The amount on the fiscal receipt that will be provided to you by the Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine will correspond to the amount of your donation. A tax reduction of 66% of the amount listed on the receipt will be granted, up to a limit of 20% of your declared income (Loi n°2003-1311 1st August 2003 relating to sponsorship).
Your donation can be made via bank transfer (bank details can be sent to you on request) or by cheque to the following address: Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 27 boulevard de la Corderie, 87031 Limoges Cedex.