The Frac collection

Benefitting from over 40 years of acquisition of works of art, the Frac collection has become established as a remarkable asset, owned by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Painting, sculpture, photography, video, multimedia, and also ceramic and textile design, the Frac collection covers all areas of creativity, from the end of the 20th century to today. The Frac supports artists and enhances contemporary creativity through its acquisitions and a constantly changing programme, open to all. Discover a collection that constantly evolves.

The Artothèque collection

Since 1986 the Artothèque collection represents the diversity of modern artistic creation. It is made up of over 4600 works, created between the 1970s and today, by more than 700 artists: paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints. The Frac-Artothèque also manages and operates the Fonds d’Art contemporain des Communes du Limousin (FACLim). This network of more than 50 communes each year gives 15 centimes per head of population towards the acquisition of art works, thus ensuring that art is an integral part of local life. Available throughout the region through the lending of art works, the Artothèque collection is a nomadic collection, accessible to all.

How works are acquired

Each year the Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine adds to its collections with new acquisitions financed by the Ministère de la Culture/DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine and by the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The works on offer are considered by two distinct acquisition advisory committees. The committees are made up of outside members chosen for their expertise in specific areas of the collections. The chosen applications are then presented to the management team of the Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine, then to the permanent commission of the Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, before being accepted for the collections.

Latest acquisitions

Map of the distribution of works